Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Conservation: 10$ free money from EFI and ComEd

Here at Chicago Energy Consultants, we have always been eager to test, evaluate and implement effective energy saving products. Upon our first visit to the Energy Federation Incorporated (EFI) many years ago, we felt like kids in a candy store! So many products, so little time!

Chicago's electric company, ComEd, has partnered with EFI to provide their customers discounts on select items, as well as a 10$ credit on your first order, if you complete a quick online energy audit. That's easy money, any way we look at it!  In addition, the featured proudcts are at discounted at 20% off, and shipping is free for orders over 75$!

Just for the holidays this year, every strand of LED lights includes a 2$ rebate from ComEd, as well!

The link to both the audit, and the ComEd store can be found on EFI's webpage here

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Conservation: Cold Cash - ComEd refrigerator, freezer, and AC recycling buy-back

This just in: ComEd is offering 25$ to pickup and recycle your functional old refrigerators, freezers and old window unit air conditioners!

That old dinosaur of a refrigerator keeping your soda (or beer?) cold may be costing you up to 150$ per year; so why not turn the tables and make some money off of it?

Act fast, as this program is active only until the allocated funds are gone!

Here are some quick details:

-Up to two freezer or refrigerator units, and one window Air Conditioning unit can be picked up, for a total of 75$ payment per current ComEd customer.
-Pickup and recycling of the old unit(s) is included

There are some limitations:

-Refrigerators or freezers must be from 10-30 cubic feet in size.
-They must be empty and working at time of pickup.
-There must be a clear path for when removal crews arrive.
-Window unit Air Conditioners must be picked up with a refrigerator or freezer, not on their own.

Exelon / ComEd's page with the details of the program is located here

Pickups can be scheduled online, or by calling ComEd at 1-888-806-2273